Valve's Artifact Game Information

UPDATE: Watch this video for more information as of 9/7/2017

UPDATE: Artifact will contain loads of lore

UPDATE: Why we assume there will be a Artifact "Arena"

Looking at the domains and, it seems they're parked by the same organisation, leading to the assumption that Valve's planning a Arena for their freshly announced Dota Digital Trading Card Game.

UPDATE: Artifact's Features

  • There are three game boards that represent the lanes
  • You control 5 heroes, just like DotA
  • You can equip item cards on to the Heroes that you buy with gold
  • There are creeps that spawn every turn
  • You can play creature cards
  • Some cards are cast on the lane and have persistent effects on that lane
  • Each Hero has abilities like their DotA counterparts ("You can cast track on a Hero as Bounty Hunter and get extra Gold")

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About the Artifact Game

We just created this site to ride the hype-train for Artifact, the new game Valve just announced to be released in 2018.

The game was announced on 9th August by the The International 2017 panel in a break between two Dota 2 matches (announcement clipped on Youtube).

It looks like that Artifact will be a Free to Play (not really confirmed), Digital Trading Card game with a setting in the DotA / Dota2 Universe. Looking at the trailer below, you can guess that the colored elements forming the logo are symbolizing "strength", "agility" and "intelligence". We're looking into gathering more information wether it will be just a Hearthstone / MtG copycat or there will be yet unknown mechanics making the game as unique as we expect it from Valve.

Artifact Teaser/Trailer on YouTube

There is not much so see, besides the colors of red, green and blue elements ("strength", "agility" and "intelligence").

Artifact's Twitter Account (@playartifact)